Monday, January 12, 2009

Our new pup!

This is our new pup. It is a male Chihuahua. It is only 20 days old today. It is only as big as my husbands hands.I have wanted a lap dog for 2 yrs now. My husband finally said OK! We still have not picked out a name. Have any suggestions? My Mom got a little pup too! I can’t believe it! I am very excited to get this little guy home to join our family! We have to wait about another 6 weeks before we can bring him home because he is still very small and to young to leave his mother. He is so adorable!!!


much2ponder said...

Chacho...that is his name:)

Abigail Joy said...

How cute is he!!! If I think of a name, I will let you know. ;)

lil kiss said...

well my husband wants to go with the name Chancho. I think it's ok but I really like the name Romeo! :)

Singing Owl said...

He is adorable!

Amy said...

So cute!:)

I just hopped over from your mom's blog to say hello.


I pray that blogging is as BIG a blessing to you as it has been to me.

And that puppy is incredibly yummy! I've told your mom (several times now), that I love puppy breath. *sigh*

Have a blessed day,

lil kiss said...

I love puppy breath too!