Saturday, June 6, 2009

blessings all around

I'm pregnant! I still cant believe it. My husband Aaron and I have been trying to get pregnant for exactly one year. Through out that year there were tears, doubts, and sadness. I prayed so much about getting pregnant and almost thought it was useless in the end. Until I got fed up with waiting any longer I gave it to God and prayed fiercely in the last month that I would be pregnant. I believed that God was going to make me pregnant for my birthday, and he did. I found out on May 25Th my birthday, and Memorial day that we were expecting a baby. Now that's a great birthday gift! God is awesome! God has also blessed me with a new job at a salon. I have been working as a Certified nurses assistant for 7+ years and I had gone to school to be a cosmetologist in that time. I Finlay steeped out in faith that God was going to provide me with a great opportunity and he did. I ask that you would pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby and that God provides for us in my new job. GOD IS GOOD!