Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby Kissinger update

I know it's been a while since i have been here. Things have not been crazy but I have been spending time doing other things. I am now 36 weeks pregnant. whew that went by fast! It has been an amazing blessing to our lives. We are having a boy. The name will be given the day of birth :) I couldn't ask God for anything better. God is so good to us! Now the only thing I as for is a healthy baby, and a safe labor. Please pray for me as that time comes. Thank you Blogging friends!


much2ponder said...

Yes! Our new arrival will be here very soon. We are all very excited. Ready? Maybe we are never really all the way ready, but when this little one joins us it won't matter how ready we are. I have been praying for you already and will continue to pray. I love you Betty.

much2ponder said...

oh yeah and how bout posting a picture so we can all see how much bigger you are: )

lil kiss said...

I did try to post some pics and I was having some problems but i will try again.